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février 23, 2013

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Motivational dynamics have changed dramatically to reflect new work requirements and changed worker expectations. One of the biggest changes has been the rise

Jean-claude Zaugg‘s insight:

Four intrinsic rewards ans actions to get them:

meaningfulness. This reward involves the meaningfulness or importance of the purpose you are trying to fulfill. You feel that you have an opportunity to accomplish something of real value—something that matters in the larger scheme of things. You feel that you are on a path that is worth your time and energy, giving you a strong sense of purpose or direction. What can we do here that is meaningful?
A non-cynical climate—freedom to care deeplyClearly identified passions—insight into what we care aboutAn exciting vision—a vivid picture of what can be accomplishedRelevant task purposes—connection between our work and the visionWhole tasks—responsibility for an identifiable product or servicechoice. You feel free to choose how to accomplish your work—to use your best judgment to select those work activities that make the most sense to you and to perform them in ways that seem appropriate. You feel ownership of your work, believe in the approach you are taking, and feel responsible for making it work.What creative choices can we think of to accomplish this?
Delegated authority—the right to make decisionsTrust—confidence in an individual’s self-managementSecurity—no fear of punishment for honest mistakesA clear purpose—understanding what we are trying to accomplishInformation—access to relevant facts and sourcescompetence. You feel that you are handling your work activities well—that your performance of these activities meets or exceeds your personal standards, and that you are doing good, high-quality work. You feel a sense of satisfaction, pride, or even artistry in how well you handle these activities.How can we make sure we’re doing this work competently?
Knowledge—an adequate store of insights from education and experiencePositive feedback—information on what is workingSkill recognition—due credit for our successesChallenge—demanding tasks that fit our abilitiesHigh, non-comparative standards—demanding standards that don’t force rankingsprogress. You are encouraged that your efforts are really accomplishing something. You feel that your work is on track and moving in the right direction. You see convincing signs that things are working out, giving you confidence in the choices you have made and confidence in the future.How can we make sure we’re actually accomplishing the purpose?A collaborative climate—co-workers helping each other succeedMilestones—reference points to mark stages of accomplishmentCelebrations—occasions to share enjoyment of milestonesAccess to customers—interactions with those who use what we’ve producedMeasurement of improvement—a way to see if performance gets better

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